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Commercial Concrete Foundation Walls

Doggett Concrete specializes in commercial concrete walls, including poured foundation walls, retaining walls, and cast-in-place walls for commercial buildings across the Southeast. When it comes to foundation walls, poured concrete provides superior strength and stability.  Our team provides the necessary design, layout, and construction of commercial foundations, including walls, slabs, and footings.

  • Crawl Spaces
  • Basements
  • Stem Walls
  • Retaining Walls


A retaining wall serves to keep soil in place, providing a layer of protection against soil erosion. Erosion is ever prevalent in any landscape, whether it is due to wind or water.  In addition to providing necessary support to the soil, retaining walls also help reduce the surface runoff by reducing sharper gradients. This reduces the speed at which water travels over the surface and thereby reduces erosion.

Drainage systems built within retaining walls can manage stormwater and reduce erosion, and the retaining wall structure creates terracing and levels of landscape beds.

Flat ground is almost always more useful than a steep slope.

A retaining wall can convert a slope into a flat level area. This can allow for the construction of structures that otherwise couldn’t be built on such a property, like a parking lot, sports field, or building.

When your property is located in an area where the lateral pressure of a slope is exerting undue force at another area, you may consider the option of a retaining wall to balance and fight gravity so as to avoid landslides and erosion.

Our concrete team has decades been pouring concrete walls for contractors and builders across the Southeast since 1963. After consulting with you, we will engineer a finished product that blends with your commercial project plans. Contact Doggett Concrete Construction today about pouring a solid foundation for your new commercial construction! Serving NC, SC, GA, VA, & TN

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